Thursday, 3 October 2013

We all cheat now and again...

And that's ok!

Being vegan isn't about restricting yourself from good food, or never eating out or indulging in anything 'extra'. Not only that, LIFE IS FUCKING BUSY!!!!!!

Tonight is a good example. I got home from work at 5:30, walked the dog and got ready and went to the gym. It's now 7:30 and I'm hangry. (Hungry + Angry = Hangry) We need to go grocery shopping and I have no dinner prepared. I also still need to go grocery shopping tonight. 

Obviously fast food places are out of the question. Not just because they're processed but also because they're not vegan. 

This leads me to my one "quick take-away" option. FALAFEL!

There is this great little place by our house that makes everything fresh and from scratch. When you order falafel they take out the ingredients and make it right in front of you. I opted to get all salad (with tomato, cukes, peppers and red onion) and tabbouleh with no rice. I also asked him to make me less falafel (only 6 small not the 8 large that comes with the dinner)

As for sauce, I got only the lemon juice based dressing and tahini (which is just ground sesame seeds). 

So no baking tonight. I'm about to make a cup of tea, snuggle with my lovely and play some words with friends while she watches Breaking Bad. I've yet to get into this show. It gives me anxiety!

More food will come. Promise!

Stay tuned! 

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