Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tricks of the trade...

For me, one of the most important rules about being vegan is being prepared. Or else it's really easy to fall into fast food, packaged food or non-vegan foods. It's not too hard to justify burritos when you're hangry. 

To avoid being in a bind, I try to do the following:

1. Prep ahead of time. For example, the sweet potato hash is a great side dish for dinner on a weeknight because it only takes 15 minutes in the oven. (@425) But shredding a sweet potato can feel daunting, and the clean up sucks. I shred them ahead of time and just refrigerate until I need it. Then, I just open the container, grab a handful, toss with sea salt and olive oil and voila. 

Spread it on a parchment lined baking sheet before cooking and watch the edges around the 10 minute mark.

I paired this with a wrap for tonight's dinner. Truthfully, I was so hungry I didn't take a pic of the wrap because I devoured it. But it was a whole grain tortilla with:
-Guacamole (home made)
-Spinach (organic)
-Sprouts (home grown)

I felt a little snacky after dinner, perhaps it was the knowledge that I have 1,800 loads of laundry to do (ALWAYS! But that's another blog...) so I had a small bowl of (unknown flavour) Kashi cereal, dry. (They're snack bowls and hold about 1/2 a cup)

Now I'm onto laundry (Only 1,798 left!) but I'll be back. With fresh clean sheets and Conkie! 


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