Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ain't nobody got time for that...

Ok, so I had full intentions of doing the pumpkin pinwheel tonight but I had failed to sufficiently scan the recipe... GOOD LORD! 3.5 hours?! OF PREP?! 

Plan B it is...

After successfully squashing the kiddos dream of "baking pumpkin pinwheels with mommy", I did what any good mother would do. I blurted out "what if we make a CHOCOLATE cake instead? Mmm, chocolate!!"

She bought it and thus began tonight's baking adventure, which if we're being honest was less of an adventure and more of me doing everything while she watched and asked incessantly "Can I stir/pour/measure/whisk/lick that" while I said no. To everything. Except licking the spoon, but even that was only so she could sit at the island out of the way while I cleaned up any evidence of the kitchen having ever been used. 

You see, I'm not good at sharing the kitchen. If I had my way, not only would my family not be in the kitchen while I cook or bake- they wouldn't be home at all.  

I see all of these mothers who think it's endearing when kids throw flour and sugar all over the place, leave messy little handprints everywhere and fill the kitchen with the sound of laughter and joy. But, I just see that as kids trashing the place and laughing about it- at which point I turn into Tourette's mom. It's just a never ending string of expletives followed by "Go to bed." 

But don't feel bad for the kiddo though, at least she gets cake for breakfast. The power of guilt. Sigh.

Moving along, here is how the cake turned out! 

Waiting for icing...

And iced!

It's iced with store bought non-vegan cream cheese icing. You remember that the kiddo was helping, right? I'm not sure my maternal love could withstand baking cake from scratch AND making icing. Plus it was getting late. Ha!

The Pumpkin Pinwheels will appear at some point. 

Stay tuned!

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