Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mango Chutney!

I was flip-flopping between chutney or pickle, but went with chutney because the recipe seemed to have the nicest spices... I found it on this website:

It smelled wonderful while simmering, even though it didn't look that nice necessarily. 

One or two of the mangoes I purchased were on the sour side, but I'm hoping that all of the tamarind, raisin and date sweeten them up. 

Normally I wouldn't mind too much except that these particular preserves have a destiny to fulfil. There is a woman named Cassandra who works at a store that I often find myself at. 90% of the time that I'm there I am cranky, distracted and hangry. Until I see her! 

She embodies what ALL customer service agents everywhere in the world should aspire to be. She is not just delightful, she's helpful! She knows where everything is, has a smile that's contagious and an energy that can permeate any amount of negative funk. I now find myself looking for her while I'm there. 

I may have promised her mango pickle, not mango chutney, but somehow I suspect she'll forgive me. 


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