Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cold rolls!

Ok, so I've been snacking on cold rolls lately and realized that not everyone knows how to make these awesome snacks/apps.


- Rice paper 
- Leafy green (Spinach, lettuce, kale etc)
- Veggies (Cucumber, carrot, avocado, sprouts, peppers etc.)
- Herbs (Cilantro, Mint, Parsley etc)

The beauty is that you could really do anything! 

I did kale, red pepper, carrot, cucumber and avocado.

To make it easy I had a bowl of pre-prepped veggies in the fridge. On the stove you'll need a pan with about an inch and a half of water and set the element to just above low. The water should be warm but not too hot to touch with bare hands.

Put one wrap at a time in the water for about a minute.

When it's ready it should be really soft and pliable, like this:

Let it drip dry for a second and then lay flat on a cutting board. Then load on your veggies:

Fold in the corners over what will be the "ends" of the roll. Then fold one of the two remaining sides and roll into "spring roll" shape. And you're done!

The rice paper is sticky so you don't have to seal with anything. Then slice in half and serve with your fave dip! I used a Szechuan  peanut sauce. 


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