Friday, 11 October 2013

Pumpkin Spice Rolls!

And oh man are they delicious!

The kiddo has no school today, it's a PD day. I think that may stand for "Painful and Delirious". Or maybe "Painkillers and Dilaudid". But today has been a good day, so far. 

I am quite proud of myself, and expect that you all should be, too. I didn't yell, screech or twitch once. NOT ONCE.

And we are baking up a storm!

We started with the pumpkin spice rolls, which are basically cinnamon rolls but with cardamom and other spices in a pumpkin pastry. It called for pumpkin pie spice but I didn't have that so we improvised. Making dough is my least favourite thing EVER to do. Surgery might even be ahead of it but thankfully I have child labour! And she LOVES getting filthy so it's a win win. 

Once the dough was made they were actually pretty easy to make. Spread, slice and bake. Presto! 

Then since we had pumpkin left over we decided to make a pumpkin pie. The kiddo was extra excited by this since she is the only one in our house who likes it. She has asked about 20 times, "So I get the WHOLE pie?! Really?!" Yes BB, really.

Now we started with something I've been really excited to try. CINNAMON RAISIN BAGELS!! Oh man. I have been putting it off because bread making always seems like such a chore to me. It's not nearly as difficult as I had thought, at least so far. 

I don't have a fancy KitchenAid countertop mixing stand, but as mentioned before, I have child labour. Which is actually better, tbh. I set the timer and she worked that dough for the required 5-7 minutes and then again when we added the cinnamon and raisins. She didn't start complaining until I chortled while taking a picture. 

The fruits of her labour! 

I think that once the bagels are done I might call it a day. Although I still have to make a mango cake to bring into my inlaws. And I did buy new cake pans, so maybe I'll make something in them. 

I think I'm addicted!!

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