Sunday, 13 October 2013


Everyone seems to be chirping about what they're thankful for, so I've decided to follow suit. 

I'll do this in point form to make it as painless as possible. 

📌My family. This includes my beautiful wife and daughter who love me every minute of every day, even when I'm a little squirrelly. 

📌My mother and father, my sister and brother in-law and my precious nephews who make me laugh like no others. 

📌My grandfather, whom I'm lucky to still have in my life, though admittedly I don't prioritize him the way I should. 

📌My mum and father in law. They get an extra special shout out. Not only because most people have so many complaints about their in laws, but because mine are just incredible human beings. At Thanksgiving my mum makes a separate vegan meal just for me. A MEAL, not just a dish. The unconditional love I get from mum and dad is in direct competition with my birth folks ;)

📌My pets! Maya the dog, Bronson and Tang the cats. The happiness that they give me fills my heart. 

📌My friends! Most people are lucky to have a few good friends. I feel like I have ten time more than anyone else. And you're all top notch. TOP. NOTCH. 

I just inhaled my vegan spread and I'm full and nappy. But I'll leave you with the vision of love that I'm blessed to see every morning when I wake (minus the cats and kid who are off screen)

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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