Sunday, 3 November 2013

L-O-L-A, Lola!

I had no intention of ever reviewing restaurant fare on this blog; partly because I prefer to cook myself but more truthfully because I rarely get out of the suburbs to enjoy such luxuries. While our little suburban downtown does have some notable restaurants, none of them offer brunch and most certainly none of them offer a vegan brunch. 

Thanks to the generosity of grandparents I found myself child free this weekend. That meant that I could head downtown for some much needed catch up with a best friend while my other half was finally free to watch all the horror movies she pleased without the inevitable curse of having to rock an inconsolable me to sleep with the lights on. Win-win. 

After coming to pick me up this morning, Faith determined that she couldn't possibly make it back to the 'burbs without food. She was hangry and in need of coffee. I had already consumed my weight in Starbucks (which is no small feat...) and was focused enough to try and formulate a plan. Originally I was just going to suggest something quick and dirty to stave off the hanger, after all, we were in a rush to get back to "real life". 

The thing is, I hate to pass up an opportunity to try a new restaurant. And so out came google and with a simple search of "vegan brunch Toronto" up came Lola's. It was nearby, had a seemingly conscious menu and had the added bonus of being on Church St. Sold!

We were blessed with parking right out front and headed in. There were a few people waiting for friends but we were seated within minutes. The atmosphere was lovely and the coffee came quickly, which was a relief. They even had almond milk- take that hanger! 

I ordered a curried tofu scramble with home fries and toast. Faith had the eggs rancheros. 

Honestly, the curry was perfect! The texture was spot on and the caramelized onions, herbs and other flavours worked like a charm. It had a side of broiled tomatoes which complemented the curry beautifully. The toast (which was also gluten free) was thick sliced and had a wonderful texture. 

The service was also great. Admittedly I can be an annoying patron. I am happiest in the small window between "stay on top of me as a guest" and "leave me the fuck alone to eat my meal". Not only was our server adorable, his timing was PERFECT! Well done! 

All in all, I'm so glad we opted to sit and eat something and didn't just grab filler en route home. If you're downtown and want to enjoy a good meal- I'd highly suggest Lola's.

634 Church St. 
(Just S of Bloor) 

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