Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yet another blogger...

To be honest, I think the idea of blogging is a little weird. To think that anyone gives a shit what I have to say, or the food I cook is a little strange to me. So if no one reads this it's ok. 

I'm not entirely sure what this blog is going to be about but I can safely say the following:

-Food. Vegan food to be exact. Some raw, some not. There may be a smattering of non-vegan foods because I often cook for others. 

-Travel. While I don't get to travel to as many exotic places as I'd like anymore (kids will do that I hear...) it will always be a passion of mine. In the meantime we are always road-tripping all over. And of course the food I eat while traveling.

-Adventure. Or should I say "adventure". Cross country skiing. Snow shoeing. Hiking. Biking. 

-Pets. Sorry folks, can't escape Internet cats that easily. I have two cats and a dog. They provide me with endless entertainment. And now they will to you, too.

I guess that's all I can commit to for now.

I don't want to write about things in the past, but I'll end this with some pics of the foods I have already made. 

Raw Vegan Pad Thai:

Raw Vegan Collard Green Tacos:

Costa Rican Salad:

Toffee Apple Pie (So very un-vegan): 

Cheers ya'll.


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